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Play using Retail Client


I downloaded game from battle.net, do i have to download minimal client so that the version is the same?


You can but you do not have too! here is a guide to help you play!!

Download the game from battle.net launcher, then download the following file

If your going to continue to play retail i would suggest you backup the wow.exe file inside you retail folder and the build file in your main world of warcraft folder "see pics below"

After its backed up unzip the update files you downloaded and put the build.info into your main wow folder and the wow.exe into your retail after that edit your config file!

"DON'T forget to edit your config file inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF" folder and add the following line at the bottom (SET portal "login.dragonflight.su")

Special Thanks to @Whatifeel for the files and info as i just listen to what he said did it and it worked so i wrote a guide for future new players